About Gold Label

Gold Label Goods is more than just an online store offering well designed products from authentic sources... rather, we are a movement: a movement away from the limitations of what was, and toward the possibilities of what the internet and print on demand technology can ultimately be. In this new world of consumer generated content, Gold Label chooses to provide entertainment and media titles that fans are looking for, many of which have often been overlooked or forgotten about by traditional retail. Showcasing great artwork featured on an array of products from which a customer can choose specific color, size and shape, offers each title a permanent home for the fan to shop from at Gold Label. Strong designs and interesting title selections allows Gold Label to provide a shopping experience the customer is unlikely to find anywhere else by way of content, ease of use and dependability. As the Gold Label store adds more titles to its existing line up, we are acutely aware we must stay true to those whom we service - the fans. Therefore we encourage those who shop at Gold Label Goods to speak up and tell us what you want, in the way of titles, products, features, or just general sarcasm as it will be your voice that will direct the future movements of this store.